hellohealing topicals were a healing savior while vacationing in Maui

We were in Maui enjoying the sun and didn't realized how much we were exposed to the sun while in and out of the water. I immediately applied REVIVE topical all over and repeated it 3 times per day. After a day and half, my redness became tan. The burn stopped after my second application. Same for my bite from our hike into the Bamboo Forest. Got back to the car and dabbed a good amount on the 2 bites - did not get the itch sensation and it definitely avoided the swelling from happening. To ensure it does not irritate, you must apply the topical 3 times per day to avoid getting irritated and itchy. My husband used the RECOVER topical, since its unscented without the 24k gold flakes. I like to heal and give my skin that extra gold protection. He definitely got sunburn - I mean RED! After using RECOVER topical for 3 days straight applying a good amount to the burn area, it helped him heal and avoid the burn from building pus. He will still continue to apply the topical until his skin fully heals. I've added two photos here so you can see before and after.

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