"Jamu Tonic helped me want to get up and walk 3+ miles daily."

We introduced our Jamu Tonic to two of our dearest friends, a married couple based in Southern California. Husband is a Los Angeles County Firefighter and Wife is a full time stay at home Mom as well as caretaker to her parents (one was paralyzed from waist down) and works at a local medical clinic 3 times a week on her husbands days off. 

Husband had bloating and digestion issues and Wife just didn't have the energy to want to exercise added on to all that she was already doing daily. After 3-5 days of drinking our Jamu Tonic, the husband felt the difference in how the bloating went away and digestion issues had eased. He shared this experience with his wife and got her to finally try it out. For her, the thought of turmeric and ginger in our ingredients would not taste good, so she avoided it from the beginning. Our Jamu Tonic, proved her wrong. She loved the taste of it! Just after 4 days of drinking it, she had a boost of energy to start exercising. She began walking 3+ miles a day with her kids (siblings occasionally) and looks forward to adding it to her daily routine on days that are not too hectic.

She shared the following:

"Jamu Tonic helped me want to get up and walk 3+ miles daily". -ML

They've since been drinking our Jamu Tonic daily. It only takes 2oz per day (preferably in the morning). You may also drink it 2 times a day if you like.

They shared a photo below of them taking their daily shots!

LM Jamu

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