About Us


Our logo reflects my husband and I heritage. The maple leaf represents Canada and the lotus flower represents Vietnam. This logo was used as our united symbol leading up to our marriage in 2018. 


hellohealing - Our story

We’re a Southern California-based team that is lead by a minority woman with a thirst for adventure, and a passion for preserving our planet for generations to come. I've been fortunate over the years to have traveled the globe, making friends with locals and exploring their agriculture. One thing stuck with me throughout my journeys, that nature provides all we need to stay healthy and rejuvenated. So I started incorporating simple daily rituals (more on this later) using natural ingredients. One day in early 2017 I realized that what I’d discovered and had been using for years was simply too good not to share. My husband and I have career background in technology, supply chain and product development. So with my husband's encouragement, I sought out to develop and found hellohealing specifically to share healing products with people and pets all across the globe. Healthy Solutions are Found in Nature!

Our Topical Oil line was developed after personally using a product for 15 years that had very similar ingredients. I curated our own formula after we saw the results on our own skin, and had family and friends test and approve it. Therefore, we love to share it with everyone to assist in healing and maintaining healthy skin.

Our Jamu Tonic came from a local tradition we discovered during our travels in Ubud, Indonesia. Educating ourselves through local experts, we were fortunate to discover how to choose the most effective ingredients to formulate our very own Jamu Tonic. Over 2 years, I have continuously developed and tested until finally reaching a formula that tasted great while preserving the natural digestive health and immune-boosting benefits.